• wherever you go....

    life is full of adventures! Sometimes you find them in front of the door! Sometimes you have to travel all over the globe. MyKnoaky... your friend... wherever you go!

  • whatever you do...

    no matter if you do a risky sport, or just relax watching the waves... knock on wood for unforgettable moments!

  • knock on wood!

    MyKnoaky is your friend to have with you, wherever you go, whatever you do! Knock on wood! Good luck!

  • make it unique!

    The backside of the MyKnoaky is left blank, for you to do with it whatever you'd like to do! Somebody you love wants to leave his signature on it? Or something important will happen on a special date? Take a pen and put it down! Or just do it like the little girl does...

  • MyKnoaky... and you!

    MyKnoaky is with you in good times and in bad times! It will lift your spirit and motivate you, when things are difficult. And it will share all the beautiful moments in life with you!