Let me tell you about how I got the idea for MyKnoaky.....

I was a pro bikerider for more than 18 years. Day by day training on open roads, also in the traffic.

In april 2011 I was very close to having a horrible accident, but luckily nothing happened. I knocked on the side of my frame as I often do (sometimes on the side of my helmet). I started thinking how nice it would be to have a piece of wood with me, when I am out for a ride. A small piece of wood to stick or hang wherever I want to,  a small wood, to knock on, whenever I feel I need to.

That was the birth of MyKnoaky. A piece of oak wood, that I designed, small and simple, to put wherever you want to. There are no secrets no promises behind... it is just a piece of wood!

There is another good thing with MyKnoaky: 1 MyKnoaky = 1 tree! Your support!

With every MyKnoaky you buy, we donate 1 Euro to the foundation Plant-for-the-Planet. This is the exact amount they ask to plant one tree!

On my personal MyKnoaky, my kids have drawed a little sign on the back. I just like the idea that I have something personal with me, when I am on the road or traveling around the world. If you turn your MyKnoaky around, you will see that we have left a space for you to personalize it, or „load up“ with your personal emotion! You will have your own personal MyKnoaky, just like me!


Andreas Klier

Ex-professional cyclist & founder of MYKNOAKY